Society is made up six concentric circles, each getting smaller and closer to enlightened as one moves inward to knowing. Yet, the common belief of what enlightenment is, is wrong. How so, and why this view is important?

Concentric Circles of Enlightenment

The size of a circle represents the number of people at each…

For thousands of years, male hierarchy has controlled our destiny, but it has also created most of our problems. Why are women better suited to be the leaders we need?

The Problem With Men As Societies’ Decision Makers

Men Are Over Goal Oriented To See The Big Picture

Being goal focused narrows men’s ability to appreciate the big picture. This causes men to be blind to the consequences…

What if…what we imagine as the soul is just mammal ego using words? Then do we still have a soul? What are the spiritual implications of having no soul; does it matter?

The Soul

My online dictionary define’s soul as the immortal spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal…

The Agricultural Revolution will be renamed to the Control Revolution. Today, the Control System binds people to civilization. Once gone, a fecundity of new human social organizational systems would bloom.

Why Civilization Needs The Control System

Civilization creates large static populations that overwhelm non-violent Indigenous peoples. Native peoples are assimilated into civilization by force. …

The brightness of our children’s future is more of a matter of what we do not do vs. what we do in attempts to solve perceived problems. Less will be more for all.

Do Not Accumulate Wealth

Do not allow wealth above $1 or $5 million per person. Do not adjust this cap; it…

Freedom gives us rights. Rights come with responsibilities. Responsibility requires empathy. Empathy is selflessly changing your life for another; also known as love.

Freedom’s Deception

A long time ago in a place right here; land was free, food was free, knowledge was free, and all life was equal. Then along came the…

Chuck Burr

Chuck Burr is a philosopher, entrepreneur, horticulturist, rock climber, trail runner and full-time father. He is author of

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