Empathy: Is Essential For Human Survival

Freedom’s Deception

Freedom Has Responsibilities

Because We Can, Is Not A Right

Why Is This False? Do As You wish Without Infringing On Others.

Empathy Is Essential

State of Empathy in America Today

4 Steps to An Empathic Society

  1. Born with empathy. We are all born with empathy but it is educated out of us as a child. Biases, exclusivity, language are added by culture. So we have to undo our culture and education.
  2. Learn to see and know something about everything. Our education reveals a narrow civilized human-centric view of the world. Civilized humans are generally taught just what we need to know: work, consume, entertain. Instead we must teach: ecology, natural history, archeology, permaculture, indigenous culture, and horticulture. We live in a world of 30 million other species the average person knows little to nothing about. We can’t empathize with something we do know about.
  3. Shift from being Takers to Leavers. This divide was developed by Daniel Quinn in his book Ishmael. Takers are generally civilized people who have been educated to view the world as resources to be consumed and some fragments of open or wild spaces left for recreation. Takers have large static populations fed by domesticated plants and animals. Domestication reinforces the view of the world as resources. Takers also believe there is only one right way to live and that civilization must continue at any cost. Leavers are generally indigenous peoples who maintain small populations fed and housed by the wild. Because Leavers make their living from the wild, they depend on the health of all wild plants and animals for their own. In a nutshell, humans must evolve beyond civilization for humans to have the empathy Leavers again. Our first post-civilization evolutionary step will be to accept alternatives that were previously not considered such as all plant-based diets and one-child families.
  4. Change the world. Start with education and followup with public policy. Initially, educating youth to be more aware people is essential. The United States has gotten itself in this political mess through of poor education. People who are taught a Taker view of the world grow up to as addicted consumers. Once there is enough political will, public policy must start limiting the damage such as incentives for one-child families, end the practice of eating fish and meat, taking dams down, etc.

Our Responsibility



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