Stock Market: Crime Against Society

Equity vs. Money

Financial Markets Benefit The Wealthy

Increase Inequity

What Do I Have Against Billionaires?

  • Citizen’s United made corporations persons. It gave corporation free speech and access to unlimited campaign contributions.
  • Income of the wealthy and of corporations is largely not taxed. Assets of the wealthy are not taxed.
  • Corporate tax cuts were used mostly for stock buybacks to further increase share prices.
  • The United States is the only industrial country in the world that does not give its people universal health care.
  • College debt enslaves graduates.
  • The federal minimum wage has not been increased for 13 years.
  • We have no publicly funded elections to get money out of politics.
  • The United States wastes (spends) more money on the military than all other nations combined. Almost half of the Federal budget is either direct military spending, spending on war debt, VA benefits, and lost production from injured service men and women.
  • Agencies charged with protecting the people don’t. Testing new chemical interactions with other chemicals is not required. Genetically modified food, chemical spraying on food, and pharmacy ingredients are not labeled. Known cancer causing chemicals are allowed to be sprayed on almost all conventional (non-organic) food production.
  • No accuracy or balance of news information is enforced on medias using the public airways, cable and internet. Newscasters, candidates, and public officials, may lie endlessly without repercussion. If one lost their public office and access to public media for repeated lying, much of this would stop.
  • Look at the billionaire orange disaster that has spent four years in the White House. He cared little for democracy, has exacerbated division, and set the country back decades.

Unearned Income

Rigged Markets And The Gangster Federal Reserve Syndicate

Pull The Plug To Stop Feeding The Monster



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