Stop Doing: Less Will Be More

Chuck Burr
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The brightness of our children’s future is more of a matter of what we do not do vs. what we do in attempts to solve perceived problems. Less will be more for all.

Do Not Accumulate Wealth

Do not allow wealth above $1 or $5 million per person. Do not adjust this cap; it will prevent inflation. Wealth above the cap is given to the common to first pay off debt, then distributed to as chosen by the commons choosing.[1]

Wealth above this cap turns people into entitled, consuming, pigs. Tremendous stock market unearned income is corrupt. Enormous wealth creates a near-royalty ruling class. Wealth creates a permanent divided-class society by giving a few access to better education, jobs, privilege.

Do Not Rent

Convert ownership of all rentals to the tenant. Former tenant, now owner, gains permanent ownership. The same rental revenue, now becomes an equity-only mortgage to the former landlord owner at the same monthly rate without interest. Payment ends when the original market value of the dwelling is paid off. No banks are involved, so no interested is paid to double the cost of the dwelling. The former landlord can sell the remaining revenue stream to a new recipient. The tenant can sell their right to dwell to another party by transferring their payment stream to another party. Anyone who can afford rent, can obtain housing. The payment stream never goes up while the dwelling is paid off. So, rent control is built in. The landlord is made whole for the value of the property. Landlord-tenant slavery is ended.

Do Not Keep Property

Better yet, have no private property at all beyond what we can carry. Especially land, must not be owned. Ownership by individuals and corporations has led to the rapid destruction of Earth. Ending rental is a first step. The final step is ending private property all together. The greatness of the wigwam or longhouse is that everyone’s home is the same, it is naturally built, and when you’re done, you can push it over and plant a garden.[2]

Do Not Have More Than One-Child

We can continue as we are if we blissfully ignore the death of most of non-human life. But, what kind of empty life is that? Savings from reduce, reuse, recycle are eaten by the next larger generation. No matter your cause, it is a lost cause until we drastically reduce human population by 10x. With 8 billion of us, we affect Earth everywhere, and pressure many wild species to extinction. Sustainable human population is less than one billion. One-child families will peacefully reduce our numbers to less than one billion in almost 100 years. One-Child families reduce the burden not only on Earth but also on the parents. In these tight time, parents can give a smaller family more love and support. Every family should leave the hospital with their first baby and a vasectomy, and later a tubal ligation. Honestly, without exception. Larger families unfairly shift the burden to the rest of society and to Earth.

Do Not Participate In Civilization

End the meme that, civilization must continue at any cost. Hierarchy’s have strong defenses to attacks from below, but none for abandonment. We cannot end the hidden suffering, inequity and destruction of civilization by overcoming it. We must re-embrace tribal community, learn from what worked in the past and abandon civilization. We are only here after hundreds of thousands and millions of years because of tribalism. The tribe is humanity’s evolutionary social organization, not civilization new and novel. Birds fly in flocks, buffalo in herds, whales in pods, primates in troops, wolves in packs, humans in tribes. We will have to probably give up the computer we are reading this one, but we will gain less screen time and more real time.

Do No Eat Meat

Eating domesticated meat, fish and dairy is immoral, destroys landscape for other non-human wild life, is a negative ROI of calories, and is addictive. It takes more calories to grow meat than it feeds us. We get free-amino acids from plants and have for millions of years, and a bit from wild meat when we can get it. Feel your teeth, they are flat. your body cannot use a cow protein anyway. It has to disassemble it into the free-aminos and make what it needs over again. Meat is converted too easily to human flesh, and is a contributor to obesity and heart disease. If most people had to kill and render the domesticated chickens or cows themselves, smell a dead cow; they would probably never want to eat meat again.

Do Not Spray Chemicals On Food

The dirty secret of pesticides and herbicides is that they get into our food and cannot be washed off. Then they get into the soil and the water supply so we are literally drinking them. RoundUp, for example, is mostly a corrosive detergent that bursts the plant cell walls for the glyphosate to get in to kill the plant. So both the detergent and the glyphosate are in the plants; not just on the surface and cannot be washed off. Monsanto and Bayer face 18,000 lawsuits for health damages from RoundUp. Personally, we have family members who had died after getting RoundUp in an open cut on their hand. Their hand, the arm, then their body swelled up. They later died from an autoimmune attack. Don’t buy GMO food. Organic food is less expensive than the medical bills.

Do Not Use Money

Money ties back to more complex civilized society trying to grow more food, to make more people, and using economics to meet demands. Money is blind and has no morality or ethics. Money and civilization, lack of alternatives, non-education twist what would be healthy human minds to destroy the world to live. Humanity lived in harmony with Earth without money for hundreds of thousands of years.

Do Not Wage War

War is a core civilized mind-disease. War came to the Americas with the salve trader Columbus. Tribes that had known only restless braves testing each other in the spring, learned war when white settlers stole the neighboring tribe’s land and pushed those people left alive onto the next tribe. Aztecs and Mayans knew something of war because they were trying to be civilized. Peace now and forever as before.

What Can We Do?

Embrace Community

Changing our lifestyle in a world with limited options is a tall order. This is the most sensible way forward is to adopt the old ways. The land and food are locked up; education limits our options, etc. We have to come together and learn new skills to start letting go of civilization. Look for skills, not money when selecting community members. Gain skills if you don’t have them: permaculture, natural building, seed growing, herbology, wild crafting, yoga, music, storytelling, and many more.

A successful community needs a tribal business to earn money to interface with the outside world. This is the downfall of most communities. Unfortunately, communities need to be run like businesses to survive. Also, network with other local communities to share skills and resources.

Embrace Nature’s Return

It will be easy to step back and allow Nature to return. With one billion of us, humans can free up 90 percent of the land farmed, mined, logged and seas fished. Dams can come down, forests can stand, we can rejoin our relations. The air, soil, and water will be cleaner. Wolves, salmon, grizzlies, fungi and beavers will return before it’s too late. Roads will return to forests and prairie. Rivers will run with wild fisheries, forests will grow old, and the sound of thundering herds will be heard again.

Babies will be born to a brighter future. Less will be more.


[1] See:, Free Your Thinking: 10 Ways to Improve Society for the Better.

[2] Quote: John Cruickshank.

Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.

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