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Chuck Burr
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For thousands of years, male hierarchy has controlled our destiny, but it has also created most of our problems. Why are women better suited to be the leaders we need?

The Problem With Men As Societies’ Decision Makers

Men Are Over Goal Oriented To See The Big Picture

Being goal focused narrows men’s ability to appreciate the big picture. This causes men to be blind to the consequences of their actions. This plays out in many ways. Focus on quarterly profits ignores inequities in wages, and environmental damage. Ridged focus on control to achieve goals, marginalizes all other voices and needs. Focus on even raising your children ignores the rest of the children in your community. Men exaggerate their ego and self-focus to the detriment of society and nature.

A difference between men and women is that men can see the consequences of their decisions, but will then proceed to justify their actions. But, women feel the consequences and can improve their actions.

Men are programmed to satisfy their immediate needs.

Sure, some men are wonderful, but as a whole, they have created and perpetuate a society in which we have to destroy the world to live. Men give society no alternative. We have monopoly government, winner take all elections, and corporations influencing elections as persons. Winning is all that matters. Men are great at building corporation-monsters that feed the masses, and destroy the world creating billions for themselves in stock market wealth.

Men Are Too Easily Prone To Violence

Men will more easily turn a blind eye to harm to others or resort to overt violence. Because of men’s greater need for acceptance and adequacy, men are more easily taught to justify and perform violent acts.

Patriarchies’ history has been a very violent one. Men are responsible for war, slavery, genocide, atomic bombs, crime, prisons, money, private property and debt exploitation, poor education, income inequity, police brutality, pollution, environmental collapse, poison chemicals, mass extinction, climate change, over-population by disenfranchising women, and the control system. Men have created a horrible society and force women to follow along.

Many things we take for granted are actually violence on people and other species. For example, industrial farming is great violence on the prairie, herds, animals, forests, mycology that are destroyed to open the fields. It is violence on the migrant workers that grow and process the food, work in the poison fields and whose families have no chance for advancement. How different are cow death camps than human death camps? Taking away women’s sovereignty of their livelihood, control of society and even their own bodies is violence. Creating religions that force or encourage women to have large families to create human destructive over-population is violence on all life.

Men’s Insecurity Is The Root Of His Inability To Create A Just Society

The more insecure a man is, the harder he grasps on to control. The more inadequate he feels, the more likely he is to make narrow-minded decisions for his benefit. The greater the insecurity, the greater the control and the narrow his focus on the goal. Male insecurity makes men mad. Men’s testosterone is his fatal flaw to not be able to have a regenerative, equitable society in harmony with all life on Earth.

Women-led societies created the Garden of Eden in the Americas; Columbus came to exploit it. He and future colonists did not see their actions as destroying Eden. Because women literally have to create and sustain life over a long-period, women make decisions with a broader lens and greater empathy. For example, “If this is harmful to my family, do I want to cause harm to other families or species?”

Repair The Damage Done By Men

What people need to understand is that we are now in an emergency situation where human population, human consumption and the male-egoic patriarchy are crashing the Earth and all that dwell on the planet. Humans have now literally become toxic with MERS, SARS and COVID-19. Since the advent of patriarchy and modern civilization, the human population has spread as fast as a virus. No amount of environmentalism or social justice movements will solve our near term problems. Civilization-patriarchy have created this emergency. Women are our only hope to repair society.

We are now in the days of emergency repair of our society and Earth. We are on the Titanic without any lifeboats and we have no idea we’ve hit an iceberg. If we are to survive, we must reduce the future population by 100x. One-child families can do a 10x reduction in 100 years, but only empowered women can create the society to do this. When society dis-empowers women, this is what happens: humans endlessly expand, and destroy ours and all life’s home. Watch how it happened.

Historically, Women Have Been In Charge

Great Iroquois Confederacy: Only Woman Can Choose Leaders

The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee were a historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy in North America. During the colonial years, they were known to the French as the Iroquois League, and later as the Iroquois Confederacy. To the English, they were known as the Five Nations, comprising the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga and Seneca. After 1722, they accepted the Tuscarora people from the Southeast into their confederacy, as they were also Iroquoian-speaking, and became known as the Six Nations. The Iroquois confederacy thrived and had no wars until the patriarchal Europeans pushed other tribes into them and poisoned them with smallpox.

In the great confederacy of the Iroquois, only women could choose the leaders. The women traditionally held real power, particularly the power to veto treaties or declarations of war. The members of the Grand Council of Sachems were chosen by the mothers of each clan. If any leader failed to comply with the wishes of the women of his tribe and the Great Law of Peace, the mother of his clan could demote him, a process called “knocking off the horns”. The deer antlers, an emblem of leadership, were removed from his headgear, thus returning him to private life.

Councils of the mothers of each tribe were held separately from the men’s councils. The women used men as runners to send word of their decisions to concerned parties, or a woman could appear at the men’s council as an orator, presenting the view of the women. Women often took the initiative in suggesting legislation.[!]

Cherokee Women and Their Important Roles

Women in the Cherokee society were equal to men. They could earn the title of War Women and sit in councils as equals. This privilege led an Irishman named Adair who traded with the Cherokee from 1736–1743 to accuse the Cherokee of having a “petticoat government”.

Clan kinship followed the mother’s side of the family. The children grew up in the mother’s house, and it was the duty of an uncle on the mother’s side to teach the boys how to hunt, fish, and perform certain tribal duties. The women owned the houses and their furnishings. Marriages were carefully negotiated, but if a woman decided to divorce her spouse, she simply placed his belongings outside the house. Cherokee women also worked hard. They cared for the children, cooked, tended the house, tanned skins, wove baskets, and cultivated the fields. Men helped with some household chores like sewing, but they spent most of their time hunting.

Nancy Ward, or Nan’yehi (nan yay hee), is the most famous Cherokee Beloved Woman. The role of Beloved Woman, Ghigau (Ghee gah oo), was the highest a Cherokee woman could aspire to. A Ghigau had a voice and vote in General Council, leadership of the Woman’s Council, the honor of preparing and serving the ceremonial Black Drink, the duty of ambassador of peace-negotiator, and the right to save the life of a prisoner already condemned to execution.[-]

Old Europe: Goddess Culture

Archaeology shows that Old European Goddess cultures built villages and settlements in places because they were beautiful, not because they were defensible. There are no war or military artifacts found in Goddess culture archeology or art until the Kurgan men invaded from the East, 4000 to 1000 BC.[@][#][$]

If women were in charge, we would have peace, corporate reform, civility, equity, respect, environmental restoration, sustainable family sizes, honored religion and spirituality. His-story shows that women create and nurture life, while men exploit and destroy life.

Put Women In Charge

Because of women’s ability to give life, women are innately more empathetic, compassionate, nurturing, better listeners, better at multi-tasking, organization, teamwork. These skills make women better able to lead a just society.

Women have more patience, and a well-rounded vision to repair and lead society forward. A woman’s innate ability to nurture, protect, love and accept are characteristics of leadership that give rise to the empowerment of the people for whom she serves. Women rule from a balance of fierceness and compassion, rather than the controlling rule of the patriarchy. Women care and project. It’s time for women to take charge and for men to step aside.

“But Society Is Not Ready For Women To Be In Charge”

Having only women as leaders or at a minimum women selecting our leaders is the only hope we have. The only way forward is with one-child families. The only way to this is empowering women to take the lead and disenfranchising patriarchy. Until women are in charge, population will continue to explode and humanity will finish destroying most of the habitable world. The next choice we have is a good old fashion plague but that won’t work because civilization will just rebuild the patriarchy. We have to end civilization with something better to survive. Society has been in balance with the feminine and Nature for hundreds of thousands or millions of years. If we can’t get back to balance, maybe humanity should just move on.

Finland’s Female Government, Iceland Prime Minister, ‘The Squad’

Women have shown more energy to make change for the better: We have ‘The Squad in’ the U.S. House of Representatives.[&] 2020 marked the beginning of Finland’s historic government headed by the 35-year-old Sanna Marin and her team, led by four other women. Of the five, four are millennials.[%] Iceland elected it second female Prime Minister in 2017.[^] Women are proving world wide to be great, if not better leaders than men. Remember, only women can carry life and give birth. Women care more about people and equity, and less about money and power.

Being A Woman Is Not A Guarantee of Good Decisions

There is a group of republican women in the house that describe themselves in divisive terms, unlike democrats they are, “laser-focused on keeping your family safe and your money in your pocket.”[*] What does that mean? How can one keep money in their pocket if the same decision makers resist even increasing the Federal minimum wage, and ensure that for decades almost all the gains in income go to the wealthy? How can one protect a family when you poison the food and not wear a mask? I have a long list of disbelief on many peoples narrow line of selfish thinking. This however is just not limited to men. It is addictive to just have power and recognition for many men and women. In college, I interned in the Executive Office and for two U.S. Congressmen. You can see the addiction to power in Washington D.C. But, over all, despite those who perpetuate greed and selfishness, women make more empathetic, and wiser leaders.

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.

Post Editor, Beth Brown — Beth is a lifestyle writer and former assistant news editor of the Easley Progress. She graduated from Columbia College with a focus on Writing and Public Affairs. She is also a singer/songwriter/musician, yogi, activist and Love Warrior for Mother Earth.

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