Women: Can Save The World

The Problem With Men As Societies’ Decision Makers

Men Are Over Goal Oriented To See The Big Picture

Men Are Too Easily Prone To Violence

Men’s Insecurity Is The Root Of His Inability To Create A Just Society

Repair The Damage Done By Men

Historically, Women Have Been In Charge

Great Iroquois Confederacy: Only Woman Can Choose Leaders

Cherokee Women and Their Important Roles

Old Europe: Goddess Culture

Put Women In Charge

“But Society Is Not Ready For Women To Be In Charge”

Finland’s Female Government, Iceland Prime Minister, ‘The Squad’

Being A Woman Is Not A Guarantee of Good Decisions

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Chuck Burr

Chuck Burr

Chuck Burr is a philosopher, entrepreneur, horticulturist, rock climber, trail runner and full-time father. He is author of Culturequake.com